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dreams come true* [entries|friends|calendar]
taylor cole fans

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[14 Mar 2008|08:11pm]

 01-49: Grey's anatomy Cast
50-54: Hilary Duff
55-90: Kristen Bell
91-96: Sarah Wayne Callies + 1 pb icon
97-104: Taylor Cole
105-135: Kevin Jonas
136-175: Ugly Betty

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[24 Dec 2006|04:09am]



7 Danny & Evelyn
4 Sam & Sarah
01. 02.  03.

Some Say Love Is Not For Sinners

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[23 May 2006|02:33pm]

welcome to taylorxcole. this is a fan community for the actress and model taylor cole! here you will find news, information, and icons/graphics. anyone can post and it's open membership. just remember to make things friends only. all you need to do is join in the userinfo, no need to comment here!
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